The CaptionCall Process

caption callWhen you make or receive a call using CaptionCall, a live captioning agent is automatically connected to the call. This person uses voice-recognition technology and manual corrections to turn the audio into captions. This combination of technology and human involvement helps CaptionCall deliver the most accurate captions possible. We follow strict privacy regulations and none of your conversation is recorded.

  • Captions appear nearly simultaneously as you talk.
  • The captions scroll on the screen as the conversation continues.
  • A volume dial lets you adjust how loud the call is on the handset or speakerphone.
  • Phone settings let you customize frequencies based on your individual hearing loss.
  • Additional features like voice messages and saved conversations make the CaptionCall phone extra convenient.

CaptionCall works seamlessly with your existing phone number, other phones in the home and has no impact on your current service provider or plan.

CaptionCall is part of a federally funded program to benefit people with hearing loss. This fund pays the total cost of service for qualified users. Delivery, Installation and Training are provided at no charge!